KU4B – WR3S 145.490 Repeater

View of Short Mountain, Cannon County, TN

The D.C.C.A.R.C. utilizes the

145.490 Tone 100 2 meter VHF (KU4B) & (WR3S) repeater

for all normal and emergency radio communications.

We are thankful to Repeater Trustee Mr. David Wilson (KU4B) and Mr. John Kimbrough ( WR3S) for

the use of the repeater for our club related activities.

The repeater is located on the top of Short Mountain just on the outskirts

of Woodbury, TN and is approximately 2120 feet above sea level which

provides a very adequate coverage of multiple counties within the

Middle Tennessee region.


Join us in the morning time around 6:45 AM for the morning  “biscuit club” drive time group

Join us in the evening from 3:30p.m. to 5 p.m. for the afternoon drive time group.

Join us each Tuesday night at 7p.m. for the weekly A.R.E.S. Net

Join us at anytime during severe weather conditions for our local weather nets on 145.490 Tone 100

There is no charge for the use of this repeater for individual or club use of this repeater.

However there are cost and expenses accrued each year for the

continued operation of this repeater.

If you utilize this repeater and would like to contribute a donation

to help offset the yearly expense of it’s operation

then please consider mailing a contribution to:



145.49 with Battery Backup

Battery Backup was added by the Repeater Trustee – Mr. David Wilson – KU4B in late 2015. The DCCARC is VERY appreciative of this feature, specifically for use in severe weather operations.