2022 Club V.E. Testing

The DeKalb / Cannon County Amateur Radio Club’s Volunteer Exam Team is currently holding FCC Amateur Radio Operator VE Test Sessions.

We provide Amateur Radio Testing Sessions in Cannon County ( Woodbury, TN ) and DeKalb County ( Smithville, TN). We alternate our location each month to provide VE test sessions to the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

Our VE Team is comprised of multiple FCC Extra Class Volunteer Examiner’s that are fully stocked and equipped to offer all levels of testing from Technician Class to Extra Class.

If you are interested in attending one of our test sessions, in either Woodbury, TN or Smithvile, TN, or if you need more information concerning one of our test sessions you may Contact: 

DCCARC VE Testing Manager – KV4VV – Jeffrey L. Kemper Email: JeffreyKemper57@gmail.com.

Please note Testing will be by Email only!

As of 6/11/2012 the DCCARC VE Team  is now dually certified for conducting ARRL VE Test Sessions, as well as, WCARS VE Test Sessions for the Upper Cumberland Areas of Tennessee.


Currently Scheduled 2020  W.C.A.R.S. / VE Test Sessions 

    Sponsored by : DCCARC VE Team

for more information:

Contact: Jeffrey L. Kemper   (615) 364-3913 By Email only 

Email:   JeffreyKemper57@gmail.com


Testing Locations/ Times/ Fees

VE Test Sessions  held In  Woodbury, TN

Time : 1:00 p.m./ Walk Ins Welcome

Cannon County Rescue Squad 

618 Lehman St , Woodbury, TN 37190

WCARS Test Fee – $10.00


FD Smithville

VE Test Sessions  in Smithville, TN

Time 1:00 p.m. / By email appointment only

Smithville Fire Department

104 E. Main Street  Smithville, TN 37166

WCARS Test Fee – $10.00


Currently Scheduled 2022  W.C.A.R.S. / VE Test Sessions

                      Saturday February 11th, 2023           Woodbury, TN

                     Saturday March 11th,2023                   Smithville,TN        

                     Saturday April 8th, 2023                    Woodbury, TN

                      Saturday May 13th, 2023                   Smithville, TN 

                     Saturday June 10th, 2023                   Woodbury, TN

                    Saturday July 8th, 2023                        Smithville, TN 

                    Saturday August 12th, 2023                 Woodbury, TN                   Saturday September 9th, 2023              Smithville,TN  

                     Saturday October  8th, 2022         Woodbury, TN

                    Saturday November 12th, 2022     Smithville, TN 

                    Saturday December  10th, 2022     Woodbury, TN



DCCARC VE Testing Manager – KV4VV – Jeffrey L. Kemper  at (615) 364-3913 or Email: JeffreyKemper57@gmail.com.



What you need to know prior to being tested:

Test Guidelines –

Candidates should bring:

1. The ORIGINAL current Amateur license they now hold (if any).

2. All ORIGINAL CSCE’s they are using for element credit (if any).

3. A COPY of their current Amateur license (#1 above, if applicable).

4. A COPY of each CSCE they are using for element credit (#2 above, if applicable).

5. A Picture ID to properly identify themselves. You must have a FRN # issued by the FCC see the ULS web site below.  EVERYONE (including minors) must have proper ID for the VE Team. If a minor doesn’t have a photo ID, another form of ID such as a Social Security card, library card, school report card, school ID card, etc. may be acceptable. Check with the VE Team prior to the Testing Session if you have any questions regarding what may constitute a proper ID.

6. The proper VE Test Fee for the year 2022:

      When testing with W.C.A.R.S. fee is $10.00  (checks are acceptable. Make payable to “WCARS / VEC”) this option is used for our club most often. 

      When testing with ARRL fee is  $15.00 (checks are acceptable. Make payable to “ARRL / VEC”).

$35 FCC fee must be paid through the ULS web site www.fcc.gov/wireless/universal-licensing-system before license will be sent. 

7. If you are claiming an upgrade from “Tech Plus” to “General” because you held a Technician License prior to March 21, 1987, you MUST furnish the VE Team proof of that fact. An old license with an issue date prior to 03/21/1987 is acceptable. A Callbook showing your license status prior to 1987 is also acceptable. Due to revisions made during the calendar year, please use a Callbook prior to 1988. If you use a 1987 Callbook, it must be the first published edition of 1987 and not a supplement. You can write to the FCC and request documentation of the fact that you qualify. There is also at least one commercial company that will research it for you for a fee. See the article beginning on page 68 of the February 2000 QST for more information. The burden of proof rests with the applicant. Please don’t ask the VE Team to upgrade you without the proper documentation just because we might know you and know that you received your ticket fifteen or twenty years ago. WE MUST furnish proof along with your application for the upgrade to be valid.

8. Pencils for the tests. We will have a limited number on hand, but we obviously can’t furnish pencils for everyone.

9. A calculator if you choose. Please be ready to let the VE Team examine it to ensure that there are no resident formulas in the calculator that could be used on the exams.

10. Your brain! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pass these exams. You must study before the exam and then carefully check your work before you hand in your answer sheet for grading. Most candidates who miss passing an exam by one or two questions do so because of carelessness leaving an answer blank, for example, or accidentally marking the wrong letter. Please double-check your work!

Test Session Rules Have Fun! Stay relaxed and try not to be nervous and tense. Remember that this is a great hobby and it’s supposed to be fun not stressful. The VE team is here to make it as easy as possible for you. We want you to succeed. Test Grading All tests will be graded by the VE team at the test session. Don’t leave. You will find out your results at the same session. You will also receive written confirmation of each element that you pass and may be required to fill out additional paperwork for a license upgrade. Do not leave the area until you receive permission from a member of the VE team.  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER WRITE IN ANY OF THE TEST BOOKLETS. Collect All Materials You should not leave the test site with any materials, other than what you brought with you and any CSCE(s) any other material that is provided to you by the VE team.Cheating Sorry, but unfortunately this needs to be said. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are found cheating on any exam, regardless of how you are doing on the test, the exam will be terminated immediately and you will be issued a failing grade. Your test fee is forfeited and you will be asked to leave the test site. If a candidate is found cheating on one element, all previously passed elements may be marked as failed. Calculators If you plan to use a calculator please show it to one of the VE’s before you begin your exam. Handheld or portable computers, smartphones, PDA’s, may not be used during any exam. Please check with a member of the VE Team if you are unsure whether your particular device may be used. Clear the Desks Put any books or papers away and off the desks during the exams. Morse Code Tests We are no longer testing for Morse, as amateur licensing no longer requires it for any class of license.

Keep It Quiet   During the exams please try to keep things quiet. Turn off all electronic devices (radios, pagers, cell phones, watches, etc.) that may distract other candidates.  No Talking, Please.   Be considerate to your fellow candidates.

Rest Breaks Between exams you may use the rest rooms, get a drink or go outside for a smoke break.   Smoking is not permitted in the building or within fifty feet outside the building.   Please let the VE team know when you leave the test area.

Mother Nature or Other If you must leave the room for any reason during an exam, your test must be turned in to a VE and it will be graded immediately, as is.   Sorry no exceptions.

Multiple Test Attempts

Your test fee allows one attempt at each test element. You may take elements in any sequence.
At the sole discretion of the VE Team (usually based on the volume of applicants and the time remaining) you may be allowed to take a failed element a second time. You will be given a different version of the failed exam element and a second test fee will be assessed.

We can tell you only the number of questions you missed, not which questions were missed.

Questions During the test session, please ask any member of the VE team. We are here to help YOU.


Good Luck on your exam!

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